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Sand Ceremonies

Sand Ceremonies on Lanzarote

Why not add the sand ceremony into your service?

The Sand Ceremony is a very popular extra part of the service that can be added in to a Wedding Blessing or a Renewal of Vows service. 

It is a visually appealing ritual that the guests can enjoy watching but also leaves the couple with a very meaningful souvenir of their special day to take back and place somewhere in their home to remind them of the vows and promises they made to each other. 

A sand ceremony involves a blending of two different coloured sands layered into a single container 

The meaning behind this ritual is that the sand represents all that they were, all that they are and all they will ever be and by joining these grains of sand together it signifies that the couple can never be parted, but are now joined together as one. 

A basic sand ceremony involves three glass vessels, one holding the bride’s sand, one holding the groom’s sand, and an empty one that will soon hold both colours, which they will take home and place in their home. 

As your Celebrant I explain in the service the meaning of the ceremony and how it relates to the two people getting married or renewing their vows. 

I then invite the groom to pour a small amount of his sand into the empty vessel. 

I then invite the bride to do the same with her sand. 

The bride and groom then pour their sands alternatively, into the vessel.

I then will close the ceremony with some words about the  joining of their lives.

The end result is a glass container holding their chosen layered colours.

(If the couple have children or even Grandchildren this is a great part of the ceremony where they can be included, joining together the whole family.

The unity sand ceremony is an excellent alternative to the unity candle as most of the ceremonies in Lanzarote are held outdoors and there can be a breeze which makes it difficult for a candle to stay alight. 

If the couple want a unity candle as well,  I usually recommend this is lit as they enter the room they are dining in. 

There is a small charge of 25€ for the sand ceremony but I provide all the containers and I have a large choice of sand colours to choose from.