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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies on Lanzarote

A ceremony for couples that are unable, or wish not to, enter into a legal marriage. A commitment ceremony may be the answer.

The Commitment Ceremony is between a couple who wish to publicly declare their promise to share their lives together, it is a deeply meaningful, empowering and satisfying way to acknowledge and celebrate the permanence of your union if you don’t want to legally get married. It can be just for the two of you or in front of family and Friends.

The ceremony is carefully planned and written, and includes readings, a statement of commitment, the exchange of rings and music, if couples wish, or can be individually written to suit each couple.


Myself and my finance have always loved Lanzarote and when we found Jackie on the internet and discovered she could arrange a commitment service for us we were delighted.

Our wedding in England was beginning to feel a little too extravagant and we wanted to just go back to the roots and the reason we chose to marry each other was for the true, deep love we feel for one another.

After contacting Jackie, I knew straight away she was completely on our wave length. Very down to earth and she knows what it is like to be so in love with someone and to have found your true soul mate. This was like music to our ears regarding our service.

Jackie firstly asked for a little back ground information on us, then rang us ( very kind to avoid any expensive phone bills as we’re in UK and Jackie lives in Lanzarote) we had a lovely phone conversation and decided a few things.

Jackie provided us with many services, with a few suggestions of readings etc, which all were beautiful. We chose one of her ceremonies and added a reading of our choice.

Other communication with Jackie was simple and relaxed, with a few emails. She always offered to call us if we needed a chat.

The ceremony itself was absolutely perfect, exactly what Rich and I have dreamed of since meeting, just us, on the beach we love, committing ourselves to each other.

Jackie was so warming, kind and caring and we are still in touch with her now and I hope this will last, I feel she’s the kind of person anyone can just click with and feel comfortable with, which I feel is a crucial part of her job, you want and need to feel 100% happy and comfortable with someone performing such an important role for you and your partner. It is one of the most important days of your life, so every part of it must be right.

Me and my partner could not be happier with what Jackie did for us.

Hand on heart I believe Jackie was meant to perform our service and we both recommend her with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Thank you Jackie,

Sarah & Rich x
Commitment ceremony on Lanzarote – at Playa Famara.