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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine basking in the Lanzarote sunshine, sharing your special day with those you love. Everything is going perfectly and this day will remain in your hearts forever, ensuring an unforgettable day – the stuff dreams are made of. 

For many, many years couples have chosen the breathtaking island of Lanzarote for weddings.

The striking scenery provides the perfect setting for your special celebration. Lanzarote has hours of endless sunshine, amazing beaches and beautiful sunsets, which is why so many choose this island for their special occasions.

Wedding Blessings Lanzarote offers various services and styles to ensure that your magical day is everything you have dreamed of, and more. 

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My name is Jackie Lee and I am the English speaking Celebrant in Lanzarote.

When you hire me, you are choosing every single moment of your ceremony to be special!

I have been privileged to act as a Lanzarote Celebrant for hundreds of happy couples over the years, since 2007. I have provided wedding blessings in Lanzarote, renewals of vows, baby naming ceremonies and more. Being a Celebrant is the most rewarding role I have ever had.

The skills and experience I have built up over the years have enabled me to provide you with the perfect wording for your ceremony and to create an atmosphere on the day that is truly memorable for you and your guests.

Using my immense experience, I can tailor your service, whether it’s a blessing or renewal of vows to include your story, your favourite poems or readings, including members of your family or friends who can take part in the service.

I guarantee that you enjoy a ceremony that’s intimate and special, intricately tailored for you with details that make it meaningful and heartwarming. I will help you tie the knot or celebrate your connection to each other in a way that makes it the perfect start to the rest of your life. 

I spend quality time with you, ensuring that everything you have dreamed of is covered. I take the time to write you a personalised service just for the two of you, guaranteeing a wedding like no other. 

Whether you’re having a renewal of vows set against the setting sun, or something in the middle of the day, it’s bound to be absolutely perfect and celebrated in a way that puts you at ease. You’ll be able to focus on your love for your partner and the bond you share will be plain for all to see in a ceremony that’s totally personalized.

Celebrate your special day the way it was meant to be, by choosing me, a celebrant who wishes you both the very best in your lives together.

I am very happy to check availability for your chosen dates, if you are thinking of booking. Just send me a message and let’s have a chat.

With love, Jackie xx

10 Top Tips for Renewal of Vows

Wedding Blessings Lanzarote

A beautiful way to celebrate your wedding, by having a meaningful blessing ceremony that focuses on love and your relationship.

As a non religious ceremony, it can be flexible and informal.

You can read your own vows whilst standing on a beautiful Lanzarote beach, in a luxurious private villa, or hotel grounds or perhaps at sunset on one Lanzarote’s stunning coastlines.

Renewal of Vows Lanzarote

A wonderful way to celebrate or reconfirm your commitment to each other. Often tied in with a notable wedding anniversary or event.

I can design a Renewal of your Wedding Vows ceremony just for you; it can be a unique and meaningful ceremony just for the two of you, or with your children, family and friends.

The words you will say at the ceremony will be similar to the words you would have said at your wedding ceremony but more personal.

Commitment Ceremonies Lanzarote

A ceremony for couples that are unable, or wish not to, enter into a legal marriage. A commitment ceremony may be the answer.

The Commitment Ceremony is between a couple who wish to publicly declare their promise to share their lives together, it is a deeply meaningful, empowering and satisfying way to acknowledge and celebrate the permanence of your union if you don’t want to legally get married. It can be just for the two of you or in front of family and Friends.

The ceremony is carefully planned and written, and includes readings, a statement of commitment, the exchange of rings and music, if couples wish, or can be individually written to suit each couple.

Sand Ceremonies Lanzarote

Why not add the sand ceremony into your service?

The Sand Ceremony is a very popular extra part of the service that can be added in to a Wedding Blessing or a Renewal of Vows service.

It is a visually appealing ritual that the guests can enjoy watching but also leaves the couple with a very meaningful souvenir of their special day to take back and place somewhere in their home to remind them of the vows and promises they made to each other.

A sand ceremony involves a blending of two different coloured sands layered into a single container

Hand Fasting

Why not include hand fasting as part of your ceremony?

Another popular symbolic unity ritual is the hand fasting ceremony in which the couple stand and face each other and join hands and I wrap and tie a cord or ribbon or a piece of tartan around their hands, hence the phrase tying the knot!

As their hands are bound, words are recited that express their commitment and love to each another.

Baby Naming Services Lanzarote

A lovely alternative to a Christening, Baby Naming Ceremonies are a beautiful and unique way to welcome your new child into the world. Parents, Grandparents and friends can state their promises and give their wishes for the child’s future.

The naming of your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. A name gives a child an identity and provides a sense of belonging to the family.

The ”Naming Ceremony” is designed to meet the individual needs of the family and provide a dignified and formal opportunity to celebrate the birth and welcome your child into the family

Hire of Bouquets & Buttonholes

Why not bring some colour to your event with our silk flowers?

When you are traveling to Lanzarote for your Wedding Blessing or Renewal of vows service, you obviously have a baggage allowance, so one of things I can help you with is the hire of a bouquet and/or buttonholes.

Not only are our silk flowers a perfect option for those with allergies, but are wonderfully durable for withstanding our scorching summer sun.

Bouquets: €25. Buttonholes: €5

Other Services

Of course your special day is not just about the ceremony itself! We have forged strong ties with some of the best suppliers on the island – trusted companies and individuals that can help make your day as special as you are.

Whether you need a new bridal up-do, a set of stunning wedding photographs, beautiful flowers… or more… then have a chat about how we can help.

Let’s Work Together

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